Statistics on Seniors and Falls

  • (2014) ONE out of FOUR people 65 YEARS and older FALL each year.
  • Falls are the LEADING cause of non-fatal INJURY and DEATH in those 65 years and older, at a cost of $31 BILLION annually.
  • Falls are the MOST COMMON cause of traumatic BRAIN INJURY in all ages.
  • 20-30% of all FALLS result in MODERATE to SEVERE INJURY. (lacerations, fractures, etc.)

Statistics Specific to Wisconsin:

  • (2008) About HALF of all SENIORS who fall do NOT resume INDEPENDENT living.
  • (2013) Wisconsin has TWICE the NATIONAL RATE of DEATHS due to falls. We are often ranked FIRST of all 50 states.
  • (2015) We spend $771 MILLION in hospitalization costs ANNUALLY (Emergency Room and Inpatient).
  • In 2003, of those admitted to NURSING HOMES, 40% had FALLEN in the 30 DAYS PRIOR to admission.


RESEARCH shows that focusing effort on these three areas helps PREVENT FALLS:

 1. EXERCISE and balance practice, and safe MOBILITY

 2. HOME safety


Sources:  Center for Disease Control and Prevention; US Department of Health and Human Service; WISQUARS.