What to Expect


 Not just ballroom ! We do all kinds of dancing!

 At Each Class:

  • You learn basic moves of ballroom and other dances, and why they can help you improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. 

  • We provide research-based balance testing at the beginning and end of each course to help you learn your risk of falls and track your progress.

  • We warm up and cool down, including breathing practice and stretches. 

  • We encourage and help you practice. Practice works!

  • We have roundtable discussions.

  • We have fun!

    This class is taught by physical therapists and other health care professionals. Hands-on assistance is usually available for those who need it or prefer it.


    What to Wear & What to Bring:

    • Wear comfortable shoes that won’t slip off. Not too sticky is best, but whatever you need for comfort is fine.

    • Wear comfortable clothes. Layers can help you adjust as needed.

    • If you use hearing aids or eyeglasses, be sure to wear these!

    • Walkers, canes, walking sticks – if you use them, bring them!