Monthly Archives: December 2019

Library Provides Practice Music!

Madison Central Library partners, again, with BB4B! Guy Hankel, reference librarian and music selector*, will be providing music and books for participants in our downtown class (sponsored by the Madison Senior Center) each week, starting in 2020!  On Friday 13 December we ended class with a celebration, including a selection curated just for us.

Pairing the right music with dance movements will help us PRACTICE, which is crucial to improving balance.

Research shows that at least two hours per week of balance-specific activity is required to improve balance over six months and ongoing. Yes, forever! (Think of it like brushing your teeth – a good preventive health plan!)

Mr. Hankel will also provide books about the dances, their history, and more, to help enrich our learning.

Participants can check these out each week to make it easier to have fun preventing falls.

THANK YOU to the Madison Library system for its ongoing commitment to community programs like ours, and making access to the arts easy. Collaborative partnerships make this a rich, rewarding experience.

Here’s to 2020!

*Read more about the Yahara Music Library collection and how you can access music with local connections, HERE

Partnership with UW Legal Clinic

We would like to thank the University of Wisconsin Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic, and especially law student Kaitlyn Wolfinger, for partnering with BB4B in 2019!

Community partnerships are the bedrock of BB4B, and we are deeply grateful for this one. 

The L&E Clinic provided expert legal advice to help us review and fine-tune our important documents and to advise us in best practices in order to provide excellent service to our participants, volunteers and new instructors.  

We are now able to train new instructors and license our curriculum to be used to spread this fun class to more locations! 

In addition, the UW L&E Clinic assisted us in organizing under the Madison-based 501(c)(3) Center for Community Stewardship, so that we may now enjoy the benefits of non-profit status! We have also applied to officially trademark our program.

More details to come!