UW Student Volunteers Shine in this Video!


Watch this video highlighting our amazing student volunteers – one of the best parts about BB4B!

Thank you to Craig Wild and crew from UW-Madison Communications department!

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UW Student Volunteers Shine in this Video!

  • Ellyn Kroupa

    My daughter sent me this video on ballroom dance to improve balance. I’m so pleased that the UW is offering this to elderly community members in Madison. I am nearing age 77 and when I was TA in the women’s PE department in the late 1960’s, I started the Ballroom dance classes for undergraduates. I think the classes are still being offered. How gratifying that ballroom dance continues to be popular and still brings joy and good health to those people who try it. It would be fun to be on campus again and participate in these classes. I wish you all continued success in this creative and worthwhile project.

    • BBfB Post author


      Thank you SO very much for sharing this with me, with us! Many, many students and others I know have gone through/go through the classes you started!!
      Our class is not specifically born out of UW, but we couldn’t do this without EVERYTHING that it has to offer, from the student assistants, to the wonderful video!

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